Through Life's Storms

Iaorana tatou, So yesterday I said the rest of my goodbyes to Mahina! Turns out I'm transferred and will serve my last 3 weeks i...

Iaorana tatou,

So yesterday I said the rest of my goodbyes to Mahina! Turns out I'm transferred and will serve my last 3 weeks in the Pirae 2nd ward. That's pretty close to the main city, Papeete. But that's pretty much all I know about it. My companion is Soeur Ni-, from the states! She's already getting ready to kill me in three weeks ;)

But we had a good week for my last week in Mahina. On Tuesday we had lessons and did some tracting. We got a cute call from our less active friend Ma-. She asked us to come help her with a computer problem (I did find it ironic to ask the missionaries for a computer problem). As we guessed, it was a quick fix: She wanted to forward an email but kept trying the reply button. So I just showed her the forward button and the mystery was solved! We also had a lesson with our new investigator, Te-, and he's very potential for baptism!

Wednesday we visited several inactives and had great lessons with them, I really felt the spirit!
Thursday we had a split with the sisters of Tuauru. We waited for the end of the transfer so Soeur Me- could fuller recover from her sickness. It was a lot of fun. After a few lessons in the morning, we did more tracting. We tracted in some apartment buildings so for once we did the old knocking on doors kind of tracting instead of the yelling at gates that we're used to. It was weird but fun.

Friday we also had some really great lessons and then Friday night was transfer calls.

A funny story about transfer calls: So with 6 sisters in a house we make a good bit of noise laughing and talking at night. Two transfers ago, when Soeur Si- and Soeur Ji- found out they were staying together they absolutely squealed. And the neighbor came over to ask if we were ok, was somebody hurt, should she call the ambulance. So last transfer I told the sisters "no screaming this time! I want the silentest transfer calls ever!" because I didn't want the same thing to happen. And we waited all night and... no call! Turns out since the only change was Soeur Ji- going home and being replaced by Soeur Te-, they called directly on Soeur Ji-'s phone instead of our (the STL's) phone like we had expected. But since Soeur Ji- was already on the phone, the assistants couldn't call her! So we were confused but I got my wish for a silent transfer. Last Friday, as we were waiting we were quieter than usual, we were half expecting the neighbor to come ask if we were alright because we weren't making noise! But they did eventually call, and voilà, now I'm in Pirae!

Saturday morning, we helped another stake with a young men and women activity, we went tracting with the young women. It was fun, I'm proud of the young women I worked with! Then in the afternoon, I just visited friends to say goodbye and packed and then we had correlation meeting with our new DMP, who happens to have just come home from his mission - here! Frère Fa-, our old AP! We thought it would be weird but it was cool.

Yesterday we had a multi-stake conference broadcasted for all the Pacific Islands. I really liked Elder Pearson's message about staying strong through life's storms. He talked about storms and hurricanes in the past years and the strength of islanders to just keep going with courage and faith despite natural disasters. He explained that through life's storms, spiritual disasters, we need to have the same courage and strong faith. In staying close to the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can overcome many personal tempests. Through our love for the Saviour, life's storms will be lighter and our rough days brighter.

Je vous aime,
Soeur Ladd