The Book is Blue the Church is True

Hi family! (And friends!) We started out this week with a split with the sisters of Pirae 1, so I was with Soeur Du-, a wonderful sister f...

Hi family! (And friends!)

We started out this week with a split with the sisters of Pirae 1, so I was with Soeur Du-, a wonderful sister from Canada! We had a lot of great lessons that day, such as a lesson with He- about the priesthood (and the member that was there made us all laugh during the opening song, he sings very loud and very jazzy) and with Ca- we talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and she asked a lot of great questions about repentance and we were able to share our testimonies that she can be forgiven of her past mistakes. It was funny because her two year old son, who is super cute and one of my best friends, but can also be rather disruptive, was especially disruptive but I decided that it was just the adversary trying to stop us from having this all so important lesson, and in the end we could still feel the Spirit very strongly!

Our poor roommate Soeur Me- has been sick with a bad case of the dengue fever, one of the mosquito sicknesses, so she's been home all week and we've been helping her companion work in their secteur as well as covering ours. She's still sick so pray that she'll be doing better enough to work soon! That made it so that we weren't in the secteur quite as much as normal, but we handled it all right. Only news is that He- decided to push his baptism back again but we're not yet sure why, he just told us through a message. He said he will definitely be baptized soon, but this Saturday is too soon. So please pray for him tomorrow! Oh and we also had a great lesson with Hi-, a new investigator we found the other week. Hi- is very smart and pragmatic (it's kind of like teaching Sherlock Holmes, actually) and the first time we met him he just talked for a long time and we couldn't get a word in edgewise. Then last Thursday we told him about the Book of Mormon, and that got his attention. Unfortunately we then had to leave, but he's excited to hear more about the history of our church.

Speaking of the Book of Mormon, Mom asked me to share a message about the Book of Mormon. Yesterday we talked about it during Relief Society. It made me think about the strongest converts and the strongest testimonies I know are built on the Book of Mormon. We call it the "key stone" of our religion. It's logical: the Book of Mormon is either true or it's false. If it's false, then Joseph Smith was a false prophet, and the Church he claimed to (re)establish is false too. But if it's true, it could only be brought about by a true prophet, and Joseph Smith must truly have been called of God to restore the true Church of Jesus Christ. If it's false, everything we claim is false. If it's true, everything we claim is true. It all depends on that. As for myself, I've never really doubted it being true. And that's where I draw a large part of my testimony. (He-, Na-, Th-, and Ab- all gained a testimony through it too). The stories and scripture inside are a great strength to me. Such as the promise, "I will be your light in the wilderness, and I will prepare the way before you, if it so be that ye shall keep my commandments."

I love you!
Soeur Ladd