Mahana Oaoa

Iaorana tatou! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I did indeed have a happy birthday. We hiked Tapioi again, and made friends with the ho...

Iaorana tatou!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I did indeed have a happy birthday. We hiked Tapioi again, and made friends with the horses. (p.s. grandma and grandpa: while we didn't get to see the Tiare Apetahi flower on Mount Temehani, I used some of the money you sent to buy a pareo (hard to describe, but very pretty and also useful) with the apetahi flowers on it; Merci beaucoup!)

We had another great week, starting with an exchange with our sister training leader, Soeur J. Soeur M went to Faaroa again and Soeur J came to Uturoa. During exchanges we talked a few teenagers and asked to meet them for a second lesson. T accepted but I was a bit cynical and didn't think he would really be there. And I was right, he wasn't, because he made an emergency trip to Bora Bora, I don't remember why. But he had told his family that we were going to stop by, and they were expecting us! They had a lot of great questions, and before we could even finish answering one they asked another on a completely different subject. They said that for the next time they're going to invite all their friends over, without telling them why, and then invite us to come and talk with them all!

Not actually much else to write this week... Our amis are coming along slowly but steadily. Mami R still has trouble remembering what we teach her, so we're going to try to see her more often, so she doesn't have time to forget haha! We changed our teaching strategy with R and he's starting to understand and remember better. Saturday we were able to attend the General Women's Conference. I loved all the messages - especially President Uchtdorf's. He talked about faith - and it was a direct answer to some things that I've been thinking about recently! Just makes me all the more excited for General Conference this weekend. Is it really General Conference time again already? Yikes, that was fast. Not complaining though. I'm always excited for new messages, scripture, and revelation from our prophets and apostles!

To finish, I wanted to share the words (loosely translated) of a beautiful French hymn/lullaby. In part as a continuation of my message last week, in part to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of my own birth ;). It's called "Souviens-toi" or "Remember":

Remember, my child: your Heavenly Parents
Held you in their arms not long ago.
Today, marvelously, you are here.
Your face shines still with the reflection of the heavens.
Speak to me, my child, of these blessed places,
Because for you the veil of forgetfulness is thin.

Remember, my child: at the dawn of time,
We were friends playing in the wind.
Then one day, joyfully, we chose
To accept the Lord's great plan of life.
That evening, my child, we promised,
By love, by faith, to reunite.

Je vous aime
Soeur Ladd