I Walk Up A Mountain

Today is transfers which means I've been here for one whole transfer, and les bleus will be coming in tonight which means I will no long...

Today is transfers which means I've been here for one whole transfer, and les bleus will be coming in tonight which means I will no longer be the baby district! I know several of les bleus, those that will be coming from Provo. Transfer calls came in last Friday night - the big sporting event of the Tahiti Papeete mission. Apparently some sisters had a whole March Madness transfer bracket going or something. As for me and Soeur D, President had actually confirmed a few days before, via our Ward Mission Leader, that we will be staying together to finish my training. Phew! These next weeks will be awesome, another chance to make our companionship even better.

So last P-day after I finished my mail, we went shopping in Papeete with Soeur D's MTC companion, Soeur K, which was a lot of fun and I can now say that I have drunk out of a coconut (spoilers: it's not all that great). Afterward, our housemates had planned for a hike with one of the members in their ward. Soeur D and I said we'd probably stay home, since she was just barely getting over her cold and I was pretty tired too. But soeur ma said that don't worry, it'll only be half an hour, more of a walk than a hike really, and besides, the Elders want us all to be there. (Tahitian lesson for today: ma loosely translates to "and the people/thing with it" so like Soeur D ma means Soeur D and her companion, elder ma or soeur ma means "that group of elders/sisters over there." I hope that makes sense somewhat. It's really convenient and I wish we had it in English!) Anyway, we somewhat begrudgingly go along, calculating that we'd still have about an hour afterwards for a nap. QUELLE BLAGUE. We drive up the mountain and find our guide and his daughter, get to the cute little trail, I'm thinking, well this is nice and pretty, not too hard, just walking down a nice path in the mountains. A while passes and I start wondering when we're going to start hiking back up, because all we're doing is walking down, and our cars were still at the top. But we just keep walking, and the trail isn't so much of a trail at some points, but this papi seems to know where he's going. And then after what felt like at least an hour or more, he looks at us and says, "are you ready to go back up?" and proceeds to lead us straight up through the bushes on the forty five degree mountain side! Needless to say, we were late to our family home evening and we didn't get a nap. We did get some nice pictures though, so there's that.

Another funny moment of the week... actually no, i think it was two weeks ago but oh well. We were watching the movie about Joseph Smith with all our investigators, and there's one part where Joseph Smith is talking to Brigham Young. Soeur D leans over to me suddenly and says "Hey look it's our ancestors!" Soeur D is the great grand something niece of Joseph Smith and I'm the great something niece of Brigham Young, so it was a nice little moment that we shared.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter! President Bize asked us to read 2 Nephi 2:5-8 last week, so I add that to what I already said about Easter last week. I'm out of time but just know that I hope that you remember the true purpose of Easter - to celebrate the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This season we celebrate our very salvation! "Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth!"

Avec amour,

Soeur Ladd